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Experiencing an issue on your WordPress website and need a fix?
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WordPress Help & Support
works with existing websites and offers WordPress general support and maintenance services for small business. We will fix your problems and do your changes and updates and keep your website running smoothly.

WordPress General Help, Support & MaintenanceIf you’re familiar with WordPress you likely already know it’s the world’s most popular blogging and content management system on the Web and is used by millions of website owners.

As a WordPress user you’ve likely discovered that it offers themes allowing you to create your website quickly, has unlimited plugins that allow you to extend the functionality of your WordPress site without knowing how to code, and that WordPress is generally pretty easy to install and update.

While there are many incredible benefits of using WordPress, it’s definitely not infallible!
Even with all its fantastic attributes and flexibility the WordPress platform does come with complexities which can cause some pretty big headaches at times. So it’s not uncommon to feel frustrated, confused and at your wit’s end.

Most importantly, don’t panic!

AND…if you’re not a DIY person, don’t waste your valuable time researching and struggling with cumbersome fixes. Oftentimes the issues in question are generally simple in nature and easily resolved. This is where WordPress Help & Support comes in.


– On the Troubleshooting Side –

While your hosting company can help you with hosting-related issues, there are any number of situations you may find yourself needing one-to-one WordPress support. Every WordPress website owner should have a skilled WordPress person they can turn to when they need a little help.

Some challenges that are common to all WordPress sites include:

  • questions about how WordPress worksWordPress General Help, Support & Maintenance
  • how to configure your theme
  • how to install plugins
  • help resetting your password
  • how to move your WordPress site to another hosting provider
  • small fixes, changes and updates
  • adding blog posts and updating images
  • ensuring website security
  • fixing hacks
  • restoring backups
  • researching & fixing more complex issues

– On the Maintenance Side –

Your WordPress “Dashboard” is the back end of your site, the behind-the-scenes part that isn’t visible to the public; the place your WordPress functions and the core itself resides. As your website ages it accumulates a lot of information and it is important to free up space and increase performance. The more you maintain your site, the harder it is for it to be breached.

When you don’t update your WordPress site you are risking your website security and missing out on all the most recent improvements the open source developers have added. With each new WordPress release, new features are added, performance is improved, bugs are fixed, and existing features are enhanced to stay up to date with industry standards.

WordPress Help & Support offers a Monthly Maintenance & Update Package which includes a website security & performance clean-up/tune-up.

WordPress General Help, Support & MaintenanceOur monthly maintenance fee includes monitoring your WordPress database to:

  • update your core WordPress to the latest version
  • delete spam & comments
  • update sidebar menu items
  • empty WordPress trash can
  • empty WordPress deleted pages/drafts
  • delete old themes (keeping the latest WordPress default theme installed as your backup)
  • deactivate and delete unwanted plugins
  • remove unwanted widgets
  • delete unused/resized images
  • update the footer (i.e. contact and copyright information)
  • restore backup
  • troubleshoot pages & content issues
  • all of which improve security & performance

WordPress General Help, Support & Maintenance

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Whether you have a simple question or need help with a more complex issue, there is support.

How long will it take to fix an issue depends on the job. Small changes are generally done within a day while larger jobs can take a little longer. That said, we aim to provide same day turnaround.

Give WordPress Help & Support a shout at 403-889-0883 or feel free to email info@wordpresssupport.ca.
We don’t speak Geek. We’ll fix the problem and then communicate with you in straightforward and easy to understand terms.

Leave the technical stuff to us while you take care of business. You’ll have significant time-savings & peace of mind!